• The side edge does not cut anympre
  • The blood supply to the arm is no longer restricted
  • The arm is slightly raised in the direction of the bridge and strumming position, no bend
  • Forearm floats freely over the top, the soundboard vibrates freely and sounds better
  • Playing with a bare arm is no longer a problem (arm does not stick)
  • Assembly with special double-sided adhesive tape by 3M
  • Acoustic guitar, wide model (suitiable for all GEWA Dreadnoughts and many other models)
  • Since body shapes are not standardised, please find the correct position before placing the arm rest for good
  • Height ca. 10.6 mm, total length ca. 300 mm
Art.-No. Description RRP
536.120 Mahogany 31.00 EUR
536.122 Maple natural 31.00 EUR
536.124 Cherry natural 31.00 EUR
536.126 Ovangkol 31.00 EUR
536.129 Ebonized matt-black 31.00 EUR

All prices incl. VAT

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